Metal Roofing

We are highly skilled roofers that install, repair and re roof metal roofs for residential and commercial buildings. Metal roofs are preferred by many homeowners and commercial building managers for a lot of reasons.

One of the main reasons being durability. Metal roofs are far more durable than shingle or tile roofs. They are resistant to bad weather, fire and water. Metal roofs that are available in the market are treated to be rust resistant. They are galvanized or alloys of different metals making them resistant to oxidation. The panels come in various shapes, sizes and locking mechanisms.

The metal roof panels are built to be highly durable against high intensity wind. The locking mechanism in the metal panels make the metal panel stick together strongly. It wouldn’t come off or slide off as easily as many other roofing types do against high velocity wind.

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Types Of Metal Roofs

Aluminium Roofs

Aluminum is lightweight metal that is resistant to rusting. It is used in house construction and as roofing material. Aluminium is malleable so it comes in various designs and shapes. There are aluminum shingle as well as aluminum metal panels that are used to cover the roof. Aluminum roof is strong and works excellently against bad weather. If you want reliable installation of aluminum roof give us a call.

Galvanised Metal Roof

Many metal roofs are made from galvanised metals. The galvanisation helps to prevent rusting. Since your roof is constantly at the mercy of rain, sunlight and temperature changes, having galvanised metal not only strengthens the sture of the metal but also provides resistance against oxidation.

Steel Metals Roof

Steel is aesthetically pleasing metal roofs which can be alloy or galvanised for rust protection. It comes in various colors and shapes. Steel roofs look beautiful and increase the aesthetic value of your home.

Why Use Choose Us?

Metal roofs are affordable yet effective for warehouses, farms, sheds and other such places. They can be installed fairly quickly and stay unhindered for a long time. There are various types of metal roofs available, you can choose the right one for yourself. If you are not sure what kind of roof you want, give Target Roofing and Repair a call. Our roofing expert will not only help you install the roof, they will help you choose the right roof before you buy it. We are considered to be one of the best companies to install metal roofs for your house or business. We choose our roofs from local manufacturers making sure they have warranty.