Roofing Services In Jacksonville, FL

If you are looking for reliable roofers in Jacksonville, FL, you have come to the right place.

Target Roofing and Repair is Jacksonville’s oldest and best-known roofing company with a reputation for being customer friendly. We have been highly recommended by all our customers for quality service and prompt response to calls. We take our work seriously that is why when you call us we schedule your appointment according to your time.

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Residential Roofing In Jacksonville, FL

We provide re-roofing, roof replacement, roof installation, roof repair, and maintenance services for residential roofs of Jacksonville. We have worked for a shingle roof, metal roof, tile roof, slate roof, and other types of residential roofs. Working with roofs is our specialty and we do it right.

Commercial Roofing In Jacksonville, FL

Commercial roofing should be handled by professionals who have years of experience like us. We have helped enough commercial properties in repairing and maintaining their roof, that we know everything that can go wrong with commercial roofs, and how to prevent it.

Industrial Roofing In Jacksonville, FL

We provide services for industrial roofs. Industrial roofs are usually made of flat roofs or metal roofs. Our team specializes in flat roof and metal roof. We can install, repair, or reroof industrial roofs to reinforce them.

Roof Replacement In Jacksonville, FL

Roof replacement is an expensive process and that is why our experts will help you determine whether you need roof replacement. With proper knowledge, you will be able to spend money only where needed.

Roof Repair In Jacksonville, FL

Roof repair is an essential part of a roofing service. It includes almost everything under roofing service. We use high-quality roofing material for repairing your roof. Whether it is flat roof material or metal roof, we have got you covered.

Roof Maintenance In Jacksonville, FL

Roof maintenance may include inspection by getting on the roof and taking a close look at any damages. Sealing any leaks, cleaning the roof of any debris, and making sure nothing is out of place. With proper maintenance, you can make your roof last a long time.

Re-Roofing In Jacksonville, FL

Reroofing is required when the existing roof is degraded. In the case of flat roof, if the roof layer is old, moldy, and not doing it’s job, reroofing over the existing roof can reinforce the strength of the roof. We are Target Roofing and Repair are Reroofing expert.

Hailstorm Damage Repair In Jacksonville, FL

Hailstorms can cause a lot of damage to your roof. They are big heavy ice balls that come with force and hot your roof. Any physical surface is bound to get destroyed by the force including your roof. If your roof is damaged enough, you might need immediate help and we can provide that.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs In Jacksonville, FL

Asphalt shingles are sheets of material that are nailed onto the roof. These stay there providing strength, waterproof and fire-resistant roof to the homeowners. These can be easily replaced or repaired when they get damaged. When you need service for them you have us.

Metal Roofs In Jacksonville, FL

When you need metal roof repair and installation call Target Roofing and Repair. Our team is one of the best in Jacksonville in servicing metal roofs at affordable prices. We are well versed in all kinds of metal roofs.

Tiled Roofs In Jacksonville, FL

Target Roofing and Repair specializes in repairing tiles roofs to the highest quality. There various types of tile roofs available in the market and we are well-versed in taking care of all of them. We can install as well as repair the tile roof.

Flat Roofs In Jacksonville, FL

Flat roof is amazing for commercial property. They can use the flat roof for utilities and access it without needing a harness. Target Roofing and Repair has the training and certification to install, repair, reroof all kinds of flat roof.

Slate Roofs In Jacksonville, FL

Slate roofs are one of the oldest kinds of roofs. They are made of natural stone traditionally, however, some recent slate roofs are made of a mixture of cement and some other substance. We can install as well as repair broken slate roofs.

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