Shingles Roofing

Shingle is a broad term for all kinds of shingle roof from metal shingles, wooden shingle to stone shingles, however the most used one is asphalt shingle. As the name suggests asphalt shingle is made of asphalt that is coated on a fiberglass felt.

Asphalts make the material durable, fire resistant and the fibreglass felt is nailed to the roof over the flashing. The shingle is installed in such a way that water doesn’t penetrate it, and falls off the roof. It is durable against pests, mold and water damage.

There are plenty of reasons why the most popular and most widely used form of roofing is asphalt. For their residential or industrial structures, many individuals actually choose the classic look of asphalt shingles. At Target Roofing and Repair, our trained roofing specialists have the requisite qualifications and expertise to get the job done for you. For this and for all of the jobs we do, we are the leading local service provider. You should be secure knowing that we can take timely and professional care of your roofing needs. You can give us a call today if you are ready to get started or just need to know more first.

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Asphalt Shingle Roofing Contractor

There are many advantages to go for asphalt shingles, and our pros here at Target Roofing and Repair 

& General Contractors want to be able to teach you more about them. They are available in a large variety of colors, for one thing, so they can go with just about any look and style. This also gives you the opportunity to personalize your roof to go with the look you want to make. Your home may have a traditional look or a contemporary flair and this kind of roof would fit for it, either way. As well as being relatively easy to patch and restore, these shingles are also robust. This means you won’t have to repair the whole roof if one or a few shingles are broken or ripped off during a storm. It also helps to treat these shingles against problems such as mould and mildew, which is vital when it comes to roofing that takes in moisture continuously and may be in a shaded area. It sure doesn’t hurt that one of the more cheap choices is asphalt shingles. Call Target Roofing and Repair to take care of whatever asphalt shingles roofing services you need.

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